Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Our habanero hot sauce is VERY HOT! But don't worry, you'll still be able to enjoy your food. The freshness of the habaneros and carrots will give you a nice, sweet flavor up front. The heat will slowly creep in and then punch you in the face! This great balance of heat and flavor is perfect to put on anything...literally, ANYTHING! Try our hot sauce on pizza, burgers, pasta salad, wings, grilled chicken, and more!

DISCLAIMER | Each type of hot pepper has a range in which its level of hotness can potentially be (see scoville scale). For example, some habaneros might be slightly hotter or slightly milder than other habaneros. We use hot peppers in our products and we process in small batch sizes, which means it's possible, for example, that one batch of salsa might be slightly hotter than another batch of salsa. The same holds true for our hot sauce and all other products.

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